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Teoni Spathelfer

Virtual Author Visit

Teoni Spathelfer | Virtual Author Visit

Recorded Live: February 22, 2023

Join us for a special Pink Shirt Day author visit with Indigenous author, Teoni Spathelfer! 

During this event, Teoni will share readings and teachings from her first book, Little Wolf. Connecting to the Pink Shirt Day message, Teoni will discuss what inspired her to write the story as well as her own experiences of being bullied for her Indigenous culture. 

Along the way, you will learn about First Nations experiences and history in BC from her family’s perspective.  Indigenous, informative, and inspiring!

About the Author

Teoni Spathelfer is a member of the Heiltsuk Nation from coastal BC. Since childhood she has loved immersing herself in her own culture and learning about other cultures around the world. Spathelfer has worked as a publicist; a radio journalist, host, and producer; and an arts and music writer. Her documentary Teoni’s Dream, informed by her mother’s residential school experience, has aired nationwide on CBC Radio. 

Teoni’s books are honest, full of hope, healing, and inspiration. She introduces topics that can be challenging for children like racism, caring for others, and self-esteem in ways that leave them feeling optimistic. The series offers learning opportunities for children and their caregivers, educators and families.

About the Book

Little Wolf is a picture book celebrating Indigenous culture and traditions. 

When Little Wolf moves to the big city with her mom and sister, she has difficulty adjusting to their new life. She misses living close to nature and seeing animals wherever she goes, and she misses fishing with her grandfather and seeing dolphins leaping beside their boat. Most of all, she misses feeling connected to her culture.

At school, Little Wolf has trouble fitting in. Although her class has kids from many different cultures, no one is Heiltsuk, like her. The other kids call her names and make her feel unwelcome. Her only defence is to howl like a wolf so they run away. But this only isolates her further.

Gradually, Little Wolf starts to see the beauty in her new surroundings. Despite the difficult start, Little Wolf grows up proud of her background and ready to face the future. 

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Hi, I’m Hayley!  I am the Lead Educator here at Joyful Learning and the host of this event. If you have any questions about this event (or anything else) feel free to contact me. I’m here to help!

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