Pink Shirt Day 2023

Pink Shirt Day - Planned For You!

Pink Shirt Day is less than a week away! 

We’ve got you covered with all the lessons and activities you need to celebrate Pink Shirt Day with your students!

Pink Shirt Day Author Visit

Join us on Wednesday, February 22nd, for a special Pink Shirt Day author visit with Indigenous author, Teoni Spathelfer! 

Teoni will share what inspires her to write and discuss her own experiences of being bullied for her Indigenous culture. 

Anti-Bullying & Pink Shirt Day Lessons & Activities

Our collection of Pink Shirt Day resources contains many complete lessons and activities ideas for Pink Shirt Day addressing bullying, kindness, and the origins of Pink Shirt Day.

FREE Resource Package: Kindness Lessons

Our free Pink Shirt Day Resource Package includes a complete multi-part lesson on kindness from literacy specialist, Adrienne Gear and two colouring pages featuring the artwork of Michelle Stoney, Gitxsan artist.

Virtual Classroom

Our free Pink Shirt Day Virtual Classroom is filled with informational videos, read aloud books, directed drawings, and more for your learners to explore at school or at home. 

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