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Melanie Heyworth

Virtual Author Visit

Melanie Heyworth | Virtual Author Visit

Recorded Live: April 5, 2022

Dr. Melanie Heyworth joins us to read her book, Just Right for You, before speaking about how important it is to celebrate our differences and to accept ourselves and everyone around us, just as they are. She uses her own experience as an Autistic mother of Autistic children to show how wonderful life can be when we see our brains as “just right for you”.

About the Book

Just Right For You is a book that introduces autism in a warm and optimistic way by encouraging everyone to celebrate their differences. It helps children to understand and champion their differences by following four Autistic children and a very sweet looking blue and purple fluffy creature. These characters talk about different elements of Autistic being including the way we think, communicate, play, feel and sense.

About the Author

Melanie Heyworth is passionate about creating a better world for herself, her three Autistic children and the Autistic community. She is the founder and CEO of Reframing Autism and aims to empower parents of Autistic children to inspire a more accepting, optimistic way of parenting.  

She is currently working towards a PhD in Autism, has postgraduate qualifications in Autism and believes that social change can only occur when Autistic individuals are supported to explore and celebrate their authentic selves.

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