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Coast Salish Art

Lesson 16 - Sockeye Salmon

Coast Salish Art - Lesson 16 | Sockeye Salmon

LIVE ON: Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Learn to draw a Sockeye Salmon in traditional Coast Salish style with artist, Andrea Fritz.

Join us for our first Coast Salish Art class of the school year! 

This 55-minute class is designed for students in grades 3-5 and will include a traditional story, drawing practice of the basic Coast Salish shapes, and a guided drawing of a Sockeye Salmon. The drawings this year will be a little more detailed and include whole animals instead of just animal heads. 

Throughout the class, Andrea will share a detailed background of Coast Salish art and culture and what we can notice from the featured story and drawing. 

About the Artist

Andrea Fritz is a Coast Salish artist and author from the Lyackson First Nation of the Hul’qumi’num speaking Peoples on the West Coast of Canada. Andrea strives to express her People’s history and all our futures using her art. She focuses on animals and scenes of the West Coast of Canada and our intricate relationships with them.

About the Story

In this original story set in Coast Salish Traditional Territory, author and artist Andrea Fritz uses Indigenous storytelling techniques and art to share the culture and language of the Hul’q’umi’num’-speaking Peoples.

Thuqi’ the sockeye salmon knows it’s time to spawn, but she is lost in the Salish Sea and doesn’t know the way to Sta’lo’, the river. When she asks Tumus the sea otter for help, he doesn’t exactly know either, and he dismisses her questions. But when Tumus becomes lost in some weeds, Thuqi’ shows him that it’s okay not to know something―you can still find a way to help a friend in need.


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